2017 Highlight Projects

CSIR Vehicle Build

CSIR Vehicle build was the customization of a Volkswagen crafter bus into a mobile operation center. The build included fitting out the bus with suspension upgrades, a high-tech control room cabin, roof mounted equipment, and a compartment/utility room with a generator and a server cabinet. The build comprised of installing and testing various supplied equipment and custom building any equipment that was further required.

KCC-Luilu Project MV-LV Rooms and Control Room

Telenetix was part of a modular MV-LV room and control center build near Kolwezi in the DRC. The control room was manufactured in South Africa out of 2 x 40ft ISO containers and shipped for assembly on site. The MV-LV rooms where Chromadek pre-manufactured buildings. The panels and all other components were painted and pre-assembled, shipped to site, and final assembly on site was done by a specialist team.

The project consisted of 2 x control room units:

40ft Double ISO Control room, complete with server room and kitchen.
20ft Smaller unit
6 x Chromadek pre-manufactured MV-LV Rooms complete with raised floor and cooling. The units varied from 6x16m to 6x30m.

Perry’s Bridge Solar VSD

Perry’s bridge utilizes state of the art VSD technology, to realize a fully grid-independent pumping solution. The 25kva system is energized entirely using only solar power, with no grid power or backup energy storage required. Full off-grid operation allows placement of water pumping stations in remote areas, whilst simultaneously circumventing the implication of costly connection charges.

Pump flow rates are automatically adjusted depending on lighting conditions, allowing the system to be completely self-sustaining and fully solar powered if the sun shines.

Schoonbee Solar Farm 330kW

Schoonbee Solar project compromised of the build of a 330KW AC Solar farm that was hybrid connected to generators and the Eskom grid to supply the Schoonbee farms Grape Pack-house with alternative and more reliable energy. The farm had a Containerized Inverters (Schneider Cl 60) and consisted of a total installed DC capacity of 415.8KWp, with 1260 solar modules. The project was broken up into phases to reach a final goal of a complete micro-grid on the farm that can distribute bulk Eskom, generator and solar energy around the farm via an Energy control and monitoring system.

The Complete phases scheduled are:

Build 330KW solar farm
Implementation of a power and energy control and monitoring system.
Build of 660KW solar farm
Building an internal Energy distribution network.
Upgrading and adding to the system as the need arises from the customers expansions.