2016 Highlight Projects

Risseeuw 750kW Solar Farm

In 2016 Telenetix constructed the 750kw Risseeuw solar farm a mega agricultural entity in the Limpopo province, South Africa.  The solar farm generates up to 1,4 MWH per year, supplying sufficient clean, renewable electrical energy to power the customers business. The solution included a complete turnkey-solution with a security system and a Containerised string inverter system.

Thaba Tholo 750kW Solar Farm and Micro-grid

The 750kw Thaba Tholo solar farm.  This renewable energy installation will assist Thaba Tholo to implement green alternative energy in this wildlife breeding and conservation focused farm.

The existing Eskom network is used as a bulk supply point from which Thaba Tholo has their own energy network to distribute the electricity generated, which is subsequently consumed at privately owned metered points.

All equipment required to manage and run the Thaba Tholo facility is installed in specially converted shipping containers, insulated and cooled to prolong lifetime and provide security on site. This site also includes a VSD solution that drives 11 pumps used for the farms irrigation.

The complete network of equipment and components form a specialised custom built micro-grid that drives the electrical equipment of solar and bulk supply to increase their green-energy footprint and to save the farm on electricity overhead and operating costs in the long-term.