Who is Telenetix?

Telenetix Technology Solutions

Is a company specializing inter alia in the Engineering, Procurement and Construction of Solar, Energy Storage and Modular infrastructure projects.
The Company was founded in 2008 by 4 partners who had a vision to create modular containerized infrastructure solutions for the African market.
Since 2008 Telenetix has expanded the business to the energy market manufacturing turn-key custom solutions for energy storage and solar whilst still operating the core infrastructure business.
With over ten years of experience in the field of assisting customers with innovative engineered solutions to allow for the provision of Modular Infrastructure, Telenetix has a wide range of solutions and products on offer.


Highlight Projects

Off-Grid 750KWp Solar System

  • 750Kwp Solar
  • 1200/960 KW Energy Storage
  • 630KW Off-Grid System

Eskom Data Centre's

  • Turn-Key Modular Data Centre
  • Generator Back-up including UPS and Fuel system
  • Utility Rooms

Seacom Standby Power System

  • 2 x 750KVA Generators
  • 2 x Back up Fuel tanks
  • Utility Rooms

Fischer Energy Storage and Solar Upgrade

  • 2 x 100KW Lithium Titanate Batteries installed
  • Upgraded Existing Solar from 300KWp to 600Kwp
  • Containerized Turn-Key Energy Storage Solution

Who are our partners?

Monitoring has become essential for the solar industry and is almost always included for new PV plants. This is because numerous factors could negatively influence the operation of a PV plant and could lead to a reduction or, in the worst case, to complete yield losses. With Solar-Log™, Solare Datensysteme GmbH offers continuous and reliable PV plant monitoring. Disturbances are recognized right away and immediately reported before they can result in huge financial losses. Equipping an existing PV plant with Solar-Log™ guarantees not only ideal plant monitoring, but also provides multiple functions for Smart Energy and feed-in management.