2010 - 2014 Highlight Projects

Eskom Data Centers

Megawatt Park and Simmerpan, 2 of the main facilities for Eskom required modular Data centers to house their IT infrastructure. The 2 projects were completed by Telenetix in modular and mobile way by constructing the Infrastructure of-site and moving the Technology cubes into place in both locations. These Modular data centers were designed as turn-key solutions inclusive of backup generators, utility rooms, UPS units and diesel fuel tanks.

Each project was custom designed to fit and integrate into the space provided by each of the facilities. Both include monitoring systems, access control and state of the art fire suppression systems.

GO-TV Multichoice broadcasting and power units

Multichoice, through their business arm, go-tv implemented many modular t-cube units covering both the broadcast equipment roll-out as well as powerpack to support the broadcast units.  This modular infrastructure allowed a cost effective, quick time to deploy and a movable asset that is enabled to provide the required services.

Multichoice broadcasting transmitter and power containers(20ft), for various locations in Africa. The solution consisted of units built in factory and shipped for final assembly on site. Each Unit had its own fuel and generator back-up capacity that worked together with the transmitter unit for broadcasting purposes.

350-400 of these units were manufactured in total, the average rate of manufacturing was 12-16 containerized units per month. This project was achieved using Company resources and Contractors.

Ingeteam PV Containers

The Jasper project is a 75mw solar farm in the northern cape and one of the largest in South Africa. A total of 39 containerized power stations were used to construct the solar farm, all built by Telenetix. Each 2MVA power station contained inverters supplied by Ingeteam, as well as a 2MVA step up transformer and required mv switchgear.

Telenetix specializes in the manufacturing of solar power stations, manufacturing for various international inverter suppliers involved in large scale solar farms.

Samsung Solar Schools

Containerized solar powered schools where built for Samsung as part of a community upliftment program to allow rural schools access to better and more technological learning infrastructure.

These Schools were manufactured in house and have the capability to run on solar energy alone.