2014 - 2015 Highlight Projects

Vaninga 40-Rack Data Centre

Standardized “turn-key” modular data centre (or mdc) modules that can add computing, network and storage capacity to any situation in a fraction of the time, cost & space required for its brick and mortar equivalent.

The t-cube modular data centre is purpose build to maximize energy efficiency and to minimize physical footprint whilst retaining all the qualities expected from a conventional data centre.

The modular data centre was built for a Mozambique concern the whole data centre was but fully assembled at the Telenetix factory before shipped and assembled on site.

Modular data centre on site build with ups and generator backup systems. Included in the installation was two chiller systems and two 10 000 litre diesel tanks. Custom built for a customer in Mozambique by Telenetix technology solutions – September 2015.

Schneider Electric Solar Containers

Telenetix solar microgrids provide reliable and sustainable energy to customer loads using the latest solar technology available and powered by Schneider.

The solar microgrid is a solar energy generator with battery and generator backup, which functions completely off-grid. The microgrid can deliver peak power of between 42kva 102kva in either one, two or three phase configurations. During daytime, the microgrid gives priority to the 40kw of solar energy available. During low light conditions 80kwh of battery power is available to sustain operation, with automatic generator management for sustained off-grid performance. Optional lithium battery technology increases autonomy by increasing stored energy to 250kwh.

The entire system may be monitored remotely by means of the Schneider conext combox, giving access to historical data as well as current system performance. With active cooling and double air filtration system the lifetime of the equipment is prolonged and service intervals kept to a minimum.

The containerized microgrids can be permanently installed or used as mobile power generators for disaster relieve & humanitarian aid providers.

Containerized microgrid is also an ideal solar solution for self-consumption in agriculture.

Teraco Rooftop Data Centre